Windows 8 keyboard combinations

The new version of Windows has some new keyboard combinations for the new features. Of course there are a lot of sites that have complete downloadable cheat sheets for these kind of things. I just create a simple list to start with to keep the learning curve acceptable   New key combinations for Windows 8 WinKey = Start screen or previously opened application WinKey + C = Open charms WinKey +. = Moves opened application to left or right side WinKey + Tab = Open application overview o... [More]

Installing Windows 8 CP with Virtual Box

Today I took some time to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview and run it within Virtual Box. During installation I wrote down some notes of what I encountered during setup. Here is my simplified list of steps to achieve a working Windows 8. You can download the Win8 Consumer Preview from the Microsoft site as a ISO image. 1. Install Virtual Box + Extension Pack. 2. Create new virtual machine with OS Windows 8. 3. Choose 2048 MB internal memory for 64 bit version (You can use 1024 for 32 b... [More]

Easy way to clear your SQL server database

Sometimes you want to make a clean start with your SQL server database since it’s filled up with old demo data. We all now that you can delete or truncate your tables easily by executing some T-SQL statements. When you only have a couple of tables and no complex foreign key dependencies you can do it by hand. When you database is larger and for more complex it can be a time consuming task and it’s different for each database schema. The following script makes it really easy (beware:... [More]