Just optimized my site

Today I was trying to see if I can get a 100% score with Google Page speed. I started with a score of 65 out of 100. Now it’s time to quit, I achieved a score of 98%. Most important changes to upgrade my score: Configured expire headers and GZIP compression in IIS Minified the Javascripts and CSS stylesheets Moved static images to CSS as embedded base64 (used tool: web essentials extension). So less http requests! Put javascript at the bottom of html as much as possible Made fav... [More]

Tech Days 2013 NL – Day 2

I started the 2nd day of the Microsoft Tech Days with a level 400 session. Hugo Kornelis – T-SQL User-defined functions Hugo showed us why T-SQL User defined functions can be catastrophic for our database performance by demonstration it with live examples (he had 7 slides in his presentation deck!). With the statement: SET STATISTICS IO ON; You can see how many read/writes each table receives and how the SQL optimizer does clever things behind the scenes. Example: removing joined tables fr... [More]

Tech Days 2013 NL – Day 1

The Microsoft Tech Days were held in the Hague and are two days of developer fun. My employer was so friendly to let me attend the conference. This year there were no real new products or major updates to notice. This left space for more niche sessions about mobile development and some IT pro presentations. I’ll try to sum up the visited sessions and the online documentation I found later. I tried to pick sessions I am not really familiar with and where I can learn the most. Sadly I missed th... [More]

Tech Days Links

Last 2 days I attended the Microsoft Tech Days in the Hague. It was fun and inspiring to see all those technical presentations. I am thinking about to write a review of both days. For now I only would like to share some related links to presentation, code and blogs. Maurice Beijer about Modern Web Development - www.slideshare.net/mauricedb/modern-web-development-17006074 Maurice Beijer example code of his REST session - https://github.com/mauricedb/TechDaysNL.2013.ExcellentREST Ben... [More]