Photo 2 Folders

Sometimes you’re just happy with some small piece of software that saves you a lot of time. At this rainy sunday afternoon I wanted to sort out my digital photo collection, including my mobile pictures. Where to start with 300+ pictures in one folder? Luckily photos have metadata in them with date, time and sometimes even GPS locations. The utility Photo2Folders utilizes this information to automatically sort those photos and move them to a nested folder structure. Screenshot: The event name is not in the metadata, so these have to be specified during the sorting process.

Windows 8 cleanup tips

Most of my friends have a single SSD in their computer as the primary boot disk. SDD is still a bit expensive, so probably the size is often limited (128gb). Since Windows is installed on the SSD to utilize the amazing speed for booting and working, it can take more space again and again. And oops, almost no space left on C! Some general guidelines to prevent this situation: 1. Only store important system data on the SSD (your mp3 can best be stored on other available drives) 2. Install applications that don’t the extra speed on your old magnetic drive. Programs stored their run a bit slower, ... [More]

Tridion Developer Summit 2014 – part 2

In this follow up post I mention 3 other sessions of the afternoon of the TDS. Lightning Talk Sessions - Ingmar Umans - Stop! This lightning session from HintTech colleague Ingmar was about better interpretation of the customer needs: ‘STOP building what the customer asks’. We as developers tend to start running in solution mode when a customer is asking you to solve a problem. Ingmar had several good examples in which this could be the wrong solution for the wrong problem. You could better ask the customer ‘Why?, why?, why?’ several times to get to the bottom of the customer business purpos... [More]

Tridion Developer Summit 2014 – part 1

Last week I attended TDS 2014. It’s the first time that it has been organized, most of it by Robert Curlette. Great job! There was a huge reply of the community. Some stats of TDS: 85,753 miles travelled 17 speakers 12 countries 45 companies   That’s pretty impressive for a 1st time conference, wouldn’t you think? Everybody had a good time and enjoyed in-depth sessions given by developers from the Tridion community. Below my impressions, notes and links. Keynote The day started with a welcome speech and after that SDL announced the new MVPs for 2014. Everybody was invited on stage to ... [More]

DotNed meeting 22th may 2014: App Development with Xamarin

Yesterdays dotNed meeting was hosted at Macaw and was about App Development with Xamarin. There were two sessions that evening: Session 1: QuickCross - MVVM for Xamarin Apps by Vincent Hoogendoorn Session 2: Best Practices voor Xamarin Android App Development by Sander Egberink Below are my notes. Short intro to Xamarin With Xamarin you can create native iOS, Andriod, Mac and Windows apps in C#. The benefit of it is that you can share code between the platforms so that you can create -for example- a iOS and a Android app based on the same code base. So write once and use on 2.5 billion device... [More]