Tech Days Links

Last 2 days I attended the Microsoft Tech Days in the Hague. It was fun and inspiring to see all those technical presentations. I am thinking about to write a review of both days. For now I only would like to share some related links to presentation, code and blogs. Maurice Beijer about Modern Web Development - Maurice Beijer example code of his REST session - Ben... [More]

Working with the LinkedIn Developer API

Yesterday for the first time I worked with the LinkedIn Developer API en the OAuth protocol. I needed to retrieve a group discussion to display as a Twitter-like widget on a site. Unlike twitter there is no simple feed that you can use, LinkedIn requires an authenticated user for accessing their data. The good news is, I got it working: Sites that helped me with the endeavor: Great straight forward article about LinkedIn API and OAuth: [More]

5 online image enhance websites

Got tired of Windows paint? And you don’t want to pay the full license fee for Adobe Photoshop? Than try these 5 online tools: – Add special effects to your photos, like aging or make it look like a painting. – Create a mosaic picture. – Surprise your (girl)friend with a special magazine image with his/her picture on the cover! – Great wallpaper functions and animated gif possibilities. ht... [More]

Great image resizing module for

Just found a great ASP.NET module for resizing, crop, rotate and watermarking images. You can find it on What’s so great about it is it’s simplicity, after installing, you can resizing images by url: image.jpg?width=300 It’s support a lot of image formats and can also re-encode images. For performance it uses disk cache to store the generated images. Please check it out on

Notepad++: Use regular expressions to clean text with ease

Today I need to write some CMS documentation for an SDL Tridion implementation. As I am a programmer, I should be lazy and use the easiest method to get things done. Tridion uses Xml Schema’s to describe the content data and I need to describe the field names. The XML is like this: <tcm:Label ElementName="main_title" Metadata="false">Title</tcm:Label> <tcm:Label ElementName="start_intro_title" Metadata="false">Start intro title</tc... [More]

Sending mail with ASP.NET and Gmail

After a server upgrade I had to setup my mail again. It seems that IIS7 has lost it’s core mail functionality, so I tried to use the SMTP service from Gmail for sending my e-mail. First thing I did is to setup a simple test page, that I would like to share with you. Front The page contains a simple web form for inserting some test data and is looking like this:           The markup code   <%@ Page Language="C#" AutoEventWireup="true" CodeFile="g... [More]