Generate random testdata with T-SQL

Writing software is step one, testing it thoroughly is also very important. Sometimes you need to have some more test data in your database to see how well it performs when the dataset gets larger. Or you want to test how well your search solution is doing or paging is done within your application. Of course you could create data by hand or create a little program to fire data insert statements to your database. But the fastest way is to create a T-SQL script. When generate test data, it’s always useful to create some randomness so that you can test better. Below I show some SQL functions th... [More]

Simon Sinek: How great leaders inspire action

Simon Sinek explains his Golden Circle theory: start with why. “People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it!”. He explains why Apple is successful in selling computer products, while DELL does essentially does the same thing. He explains why the Wright brothers were the first to build a human flying machine. He explains why Dr Martin Luther King had such a large audience. Great way to spend 20 minutes of your weekend, watch this video:

Image Tools for Visual Studio

A while ago I created a Image Tools extension for Visual Studio. One of the loose ends was the documentation page and change log page. That is now resolved! Also I update the V.S. Gallery page with some better markup. You can check it here on the Image Tools extension page.

Just optimized my site

Today I was trying to see if I can get a 100% score with Google Page speed. I started with a score of 65 out of 100. Now it’s time to quit, I achieved a score of 98%. Most important changes to upgrade my score: Configured expire headers and GZIP compression in IIS Minified the Javascripts and CSS stylesheets Moved static images to CSS as embedded base64 (used tool: web essentials extension). So less http requests! Put javascript at the bottom of html as much as possible Made favicon cacheable ( Used a HttpModule for cleaning up HTML (n... [More]

Tech Days 2013 NL – Day 2

I started the 2nd day of the Microsoft Tech Days with a level 400 session. Hugo Kornelis – T-SQL User-defined functions Hugo showed us why T-SQL User defined functions can be catastrophic for our database performance by demonstration it with live examples (he had 7 slides in his presentation deck!). With the statement: SET STATISTICS IO ON; You can see how many read/writes each table receives and how the SQL optimizer does clever things behind the scenes. Example: removing joined tables from the execution when it isn’t part/effects of the result. Facts that I remembered Query p... [More]