Sidewaffle templates

Sidewaffle is a Visual Studio extension that gives you more templating power. It has lots of snippets for Item templates and Project templates. You can install it via the ‘Extensions and Updates’ or by downloading the .vsix package manually. Did I already mention that is productivity tools is coming from Microsoft and is open source on GitHub?



New project templates are visible under each project type. Note: screenshot is created on 13 april. It’s open source, so new templates can be there after each update (notification via the standard Visual Studio window).


After selecting a template, a default setup is ready to go:


Let say you want to create a new Robots.txt. You can choose it as a template:


Use AngularJS template for controllers, directives, etc (with/without typescript):


Example code for a AngularJS controller template:

(function () {
    'use strict';
    var controllerId = 'controller1';
    // TODO: replace app with your module name
        ['$scope', controller1]);
    function controller1($scope) {
        $scope.title = 'controller1';
        $scope.activate = activate;
        function activate() { }


Hope you now have a good overview of what SideWaflle is and how it can help you speed up your development.

Great AngularJS Fundamentals video

Heard about AngularJS? This client-side MVC framework from Google is written in Javascript and enables you to develop dynamic web applications in a mature and structural way. Dan Wahlin has put much effort in creating a great introduction to Angular JS.



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