Windows 8 cleanup tips

Most of my friends have a single SSD in their computer as the primary boot disk. SDD is still a bit expensive, so probably the size is often limited (128gb). Since Windows is installed on the SSD to utilize the amazing speed for booting and working, it can take more space again and again. And oops, almost no space left on C! Some general guidelines to prevent this situation: 1. Only store important system data on the SSD (your mp3 can best be stored on other available drives) 2. Install applications that don’t the extra speed on your old magnetic drive. Programs stored their run a bit slower, ... [More]

Installing Windows 8 CP with Virtual Box

Today I took some time to install Windows 8 Consumer Preview and run it within Virtual Box. During installation I wrote down some notes of what I encountered during setup. Here is my simplified list of steps to achieve a working Windows 8. You can download the Win8 Consumer Preview from the Microsoft site as a ISO image. 1. Install Virtual Box + Extension Pack. 2. Create new virtual machine with OS Windows 8. 3. Choose 2048 MB internal memory for 64 bit version (You can use 1024 for 32 bit). 4. Create Virtual Disk Image with dynamically allocated setting & 20 GB HDD space. 5.... [More]