5 online image enhance websites

Got tired of Windows paint? And you don’t want to pay the full license fee for Adobe Photoshop? Than try these 5 online tools:

Easy does it!

Great image resizing module for asp.net

Just found a great ASP.NET module for resizing, crop, rotate and watermarking images. You can find it on imageresizing.net.

What’s so great about it is it’s simplicity, after installing, you can resizing images by url:


It’s support a lot of image formats and can also re-encode images. For performance it uses disk cache to store the generated images.

Please check it out on imageresizing.net.

Notepad++: Use regular expressions to clean text with ease

Today I need to write some CMS documentation for an SDL Tridion implementation. As I am a programmer, I should be lazy and use the easiest method to get things done. Tridion uses Xml Schema’s to describe the content data and I need to describe the field names. The XML is like this:

<tcm:Label ElementName="main_title" Metadata="false">Title</tcm:Label>
<tcm:Label ElementName="start_intro_title" Metadata="false">Start intro title</tcm:Label>
<tcm:Label ElementName="start_intro_paragraph" Metadata="false">Start intro paragraph</tcm:Label>

The schema has much more elements then the example above (42 fields / lines), but it’s to illustrate that it contains a field name (marked in bold). I would like to filter out other data, so that this remains:

Start intro title
Start intro paragraph

I could do this by hand, but better is the search and replace with regular expression power! My favorite open source text editor is Notepad++, but I think it will be more or less the same with other editors.





Open the replace dialog (CTRL-H), important to check Wrap Around and Regular Expression checkboxes. Enter in the Find what: .*>(.*)<.* , and replace this with \1. This regular expression captures every line and creates a group between the ‘>’ and the ‘<’ character. This first grouping is used as the replace value \1.

This is just one simple example, you can find more here at Mark’s speechblog.

Hope this helps,