Bing Code Search Add-in for Visual Studio

Bing Code Search for Visual Studio 2013 helps developers find and reuse code samples on the web more easily by bringing the code search experience directly into Visual Studio. With this extension, a developer can search sites such as MSDN, StackOverflow, CSharp411 and Dotnetperls and find, copy and use C# code samples directly inside the IDE. Download the Code Search Add-in from the Visual Studio gallery site for free.

Make software installation painless with Chocolatey

Problem Everybody knows the pain of installing a complete new PC system. After installing windows and drivers the issue arrises to install all those useful tools like 7zip, VLC media player, Notepad++ and others. You have to download the installers from websites, wait for completion, unzip, run, install and next, next, next. Solution Linux never had this problem, because of apt-get feature. For Windows there now is a solution: Chocolatey! It offers you a seamless and quiet installation quickly from the command line via a central catalog of installation packages. All you need is the main Chocol... [More]

Tip of the day: Random sort a List of objects with Linq

Let’s say you have a list of objects and you want a random presentation to your website visitor. Below is a simple, but effective random algorithm in C# with Linq-to-object by using the GUID type (see line 10 below). 1: List<MemorySearchResult> list = Session["MemoryList"] as List<MemorySearchResult>; 2: 3: // see if list is already in user session 4: if (list == null) 5: { 6: // list not in session, so create a new one 7: var newList = myRepository.GetListOfObjects(); 8:   9: // randommize 10: list = newList.OrderBy(t... [More]

Disable auto-update for Chrome extensions

Sometimes a Chrome extension gets very popular and then the authors choose a commercial path. Or some feature is discontinued, but you want to keep it as is. Below I describe a way to keep the extension from auto updating itself with the help of the Chrome extension source viewer. This extension is very useful for learning how to develop chrome extensions (how did they did this/that?). First install the Chrome extension source viewer from the Chrome webstore. Or if you are planning to use it once, you can use the online version.   Steps to modify a Chrome extension (to disable auto-upda... [More]