Make software installation painless with Chocolatey

Problem Everybody knows the pain of installing a complete new PC system. After installing windows and drivers the issue arrises to install all those useful tools like 7zip, VLC media player, Notepad++ and others. You have to download the installers from websites, wait for completion, unzip, run, ins... [More]

ExpressProfiler for SQL server

When I installed the free SQL Server Express edition one of the tooling I missed was SQL Server Profiler which comes with the paid version of SQL Server. Today I found a nice replacement: Express Profiler. It’s simple but good enough for seeing what queries get fired to the database. And it’s sma... [More]

Image Tools for Visual Studio

A while ago I created a Image Tools extension for Visual Studio. One of the loose ends was the documentation page and change log page. That is now resolved! Also I update the V.S. Gallery page with some better markup. You can check it here on the Image Tools extension page.

5 online image enhance websites

Got tired of Windows paint? And you don’t want to pay the full license fee for Adobe Photoshop? Than try these 5 online tools: – Add special effects to your photos, like aging or make it look like a painting. – Create a mosaic picture. http://m... [More]

Keep Remote Desktop Session Alive

Terminal Services Remote Desktop automatically kills session which are not actively used for some times. This sometimes annoys me, since some connections remain open and used all day (like development server environments. It's possible to enable a keep alive setting on the server by editing the Wind... [More]