Image Tools extension for Visual Studio

Adds useful image resizing features to Visual Studio for web developers. Also capable to convert, compress, thumbnail images just by right clicking on a image in your solution explorer. It's easy to rotate images and recompress images with a lower quality level. It can save you a lot of time opening your paint application. So hope your having fun using it, let me know if something is missing. Than I am glad to see if I can add it. Enjoy!

Feature overview:

  • Create thumbnails - auto. add to solution
  • Resize images - optionally keep original
  • Rotate images - change orientation on the fly
  • Re-encode images - create smaller web-optimized images 
  • Convert images - convert from & to JPG/PNG/GIF

Related links:

Visual overview

Main context menu:

Main context menu


Image resize dialog window:

Resize Dialog


Convert a single (or batch!) bitmap:



All operations have output feedback: