CG4T Generating a constants file

Pre-requisites: tested and configure CG4T connection + Opened Solution with a project.

You can right click a folder in the solution explorer to add a new Tridion file:

Then a dialog will ask you what kind of generator you want to use:

And Next:

After selecting the publication for getting the Categories from and specifying a file name you can press the 'Generate!' button. Then a new file is created for you:

This file should not by updated manually, because changes are lost when regenerating this file. It is made partial for extensibility. The comment at the head should be left intact, since it contains information that we need for regenerating it.

After a CMS change (new category, etc..) you can easily check or update by right-click the generated file in the solution explorer:

Update: will refresh the code with the latest CMS changes.

Open: will open the Tridion GUI in you default browser. 

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