Visual Studio 2017 extensions update: Image Tools


Microsoft is reminding every VS extension developer to upgrade their extension to the upcoming version of Visual Studio: 2017. Currently, I have only one in the Gallery: Image Tools. Launched in 2013, but after today also working in VS 2017, yeah!

Microsoft has written a howto manual how to do that and it works pretty well. Below are my take aways:

  • After downloading the release candidate of VS 2017 you should open your extension project and will migrate the SLN and PROJ files for you.
  • Then you have to update the NuGet package
  • Modify the VSIX file with the new VS versions (15.0 / 16.0)
  • Rename compiled VSIX file to ZIP and check for the new JSON files.
  • If ok, test drive it in VS 17 Experimental Studio
  • If ok, upload the new version to the VS Gallery

Image Tools

Like stated in the intro, it now works in Visual Studio 2017. You can find the Image Tools here in the VS Gallery for converting and resizing images on-the-fly:

New is that I also released the sourcecode to my Github account here:

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