SSD performance loss

Recently my laptop is getting slower and slower. The startup is pretty fast, but when using Visual Studio and compiling code it slowwww. First I thought that I needed to clean up Windows and check VS extensions, but after a while my SSD drive was my main suspect. After running some tests on my SSD with HD Tune my feeling got confirmed:


It’s fine when reading data (roughly 190 MB/s average). So that’s what I see when booting up Windows. Writing data is a different story. It tries to be fast, but something is bothering, look at the spikes.. That’s probably causing VS to be slow and my general experience with the machine.

My 64 gig SSD is from the manufacturer DELL and one of the first generation. With another tool I checked if my drive supports the important TRIM command. Luckily it does. Also I checked that there is enough space on the disk (at least 10%) and that’s also not the problem.


Last weekend I bought a brand new SSD from Samsung, 128 GB in size. The 830 series comes in a nice retail package and a free copy of Norton Ghost. Very useful when you want to upgrade your system with this new disk.


Time for a comparison. It’s a bit apple and oranges, since the age difference of SSD is like 2 years. And in SSD terms that’s a lot.


Here is the HD Tune benchmark for the new Samsung 830 – 128 GB:


That’s better. Read & write is much higher of course. My point is that write is a flat line when you compare it with my older SSD.

Just for fun, my WD Velicoraptor is showing me this:











It’s OK for a old-fashioned disk, compared with my new SSD this disk really is a dinosaur. Probably I could try to low level format my 64 GB SSD to recover some speed that it used to have. First I need to move the data to another disk.

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