Windows 8 keyboard combinations

The new version of Windows has some new keyboard combinations for the new features. Of course there are a lot of sites that have complete downloadable cheat sheets for these kind of things. I just create a simple list to start with to keep the learning curve acceptable Smile


New key combinations for Windows 8

WinKey = Start screen or previously opened application

WinKey + C = Open charms

WinKey +. = Moves opened application to left or right side

WinKey + Tab = Open application overview on the LHS

WinKey + Q = Search application

WinKey + X = Start screen power menu

WinKey + W = Search in configuration settings

WinKey + Z = Show options in Metro-app and start screen

WinKey + F1 = Windows Help

Most important of the existing combinations are still available in Windows 8:

WinKey + D = Back to desktop

WinKey + E = Open Windows Explorer

WinKey + F = Open search

WinKey + R = Open the Run command

WinKey + P = Open the settings for a Projector or a 2nd monitor

WinKey + L = Lock the PC


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